Our guide explained that early Egyptians made red with iron oxide, green with malachite, blue with lapis lazuli, white with limestone, yellow with ochre and black with coal. The medium used was egg white and glue of the acacia. The creme de la creme of nearly one lakh artefacts on display are the mummies, among which is that of Egypt’s most famous Pharoah, Ramesses II of the 19th dynasty. Walk its narrow cobbled roads, drink the tangy hibiscus juice, haggle with the local vendors and soak in the sights and sounds of enduring Egyptian culture. The Nubians are 2,500 years old, a proud tribe that lived between southern Egypt and central Sudan.Djoser’s step pyramid is in Saqqara -- a vast burial ground that served as a necropolis to an important capital, Memphis.Alexandria China Wholesale heavy duty lopper for sale on the Mediterranian (Photo Credit: Tikli Basu)Walk on the beautiful sea promenade and visit the Alexandrian library. After a quick visit to the Aswan High Dam, we took a boat to a Nubian village. Incidentally, Egyptians consider the east bank to be that of the living, and the west, that of the dead.

  There are several churches, the most important of which is the Hanging Church, a synagogue, the Babylon fortress and the Coptic Museum.Capital SplendourCairo is all about shimmering towers, chaotic traffic, bustling hookah bars, glitzy malls and the magnificent liners bobbing on the north-flowing longest river in the world, the Nile.The most interesting site in the city is the catacomb, a part of the Middle Ages’ seven wonders. Then came the red pyramid, similar to Khufu’s – built by Khufu’s father in the ancient capital of Memphis.Ancient Egyptians sought eternal life, and meticulously prepared for it.Mummification tools. The most significant of their architecture is the boat that carried the ancient Egyptian to the afterlife after mummification.Another huge draw is the section on the young prince Tutankhamun. It looks nothing like the rest of Egypt.The most imposing were the Abu Simbel temples.

  With Zoho Sheet the AI kicks in to fix any missing values, erroneous data entry and typo errors. Newer avatars of MS Office like Office 360, embraced this Web-only way, but you now paid a monthly subscription. Crawling through all four tools is a very clever AI agent called Zia and she is one smart lady! Just one example.Zoho realises many users will still need to work with established standards like doc , xls and ppt -- the new suite lets you import files with any of these formats and save them the same way.As netbooks and laptops became thinner and smaller -- with no room on board for full-fledged office tools -- and as more people began using a mobile phone as a primary work tool -- the field was wide open for a challenger who would retain the agility of a Web based office suite across multiple devices and still provide some of the improvements that Artificial Intelligence bringing to the cell site and with minimum registration hassle, I could start using 4 tools: Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show which can be loosely compared to MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and a fourth called Zoho Notebook which is a cooler tool than any quick note software I have ever used.

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